Customers can be reassured that, throughout the designing and making process, I have taken steps whenever and wherever possible to make environmentally friendly choices. I think it is so important to contemplate the wider implications of the things we choose to buy and sell, so I have built this into the fabric of the business… literally.

The wooden mobiles are produced in a workshop chosen for both its craftsmanship and its environmental credentials: using 100% renewably sourced electricity and selecting wood from controlled and managed forests. The colouring posters are printed using vegetable-based inks less than an hour away from my home studio. The cushions are produced in my home studio, printed in small batches and finished by hand. Even the cording inside the decorative piping has been considered, sourced from a UK-based manufacturer located in my childhood home county of Lancashire *waves red rose flag*. All products are packaged and sent out from my garden studio in Cambridgeshire.

All in all, what you see is a thoughtful, artisan product with a carefully considered supply chain that aims to minimise any environmental impact. I hope that you feel the care that has been taken with every lovingly-produced item in the Bébé Bicyclette range, and that they form long-lasting pieces that brighten your space and cheer your day.

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